6 Home Projects you should not DIY


Buying a home is a big deal for everyone as it usually costs us most of our savings plus loans from the bank that we spend decades to paying it off. After putting down the first payment, don’t think the expenses are going to be smooth and easy ever since. You are still on the hook for a whole bunch for future bills including property tax, homeowners insurance and repairs. However, owning a home and renovate it into something we love is a dream and a sign of a big step ahead in our life. Among all the renovation projects, some projects that you can DIY are a great way to cut costs, but there are some dangerous projects that might jeopardize your life you should hire contractors to do. Read on to find out what those projects that you should not DIY are.


1. Tree Removal

tree removalIf you are considering removing that old ugly tree that is in the way, please don’t do it yourself. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Cutting down trees and removing branches are both dangerous activities. Not only it involves dangerous tools but also you have to work from a fairly high distance off the ground. Don’t hurt yourself because you want to save the pennies of hiring trained professionals to do it.


2. Knocking Down the Walls

If you want to renovate an old home and change the structure by knocking down walls, think twice before you take actions. Knocking down walls might seem like an easy task, but there is something hidden in the walls—electrical wiring, gas pipes and plumbing. Consult a professional first rather than taking a chance.


3. Electrical Work

Flipping the fuse switch is one thing but attempts to repair faulty wiring or other electrical issues are another. This is something deadly that you should not do yourself by all chance. You won’t fix the electrical issues without professional knowledge, but also put yourself into sheer danger. If you encounter electrical issues at home, don’t take chance and try to fix it yourself, contact an emergency electrician immediately.


4. Plumbing Repair

Plumbing RepairYou can DIY simple things like unclogging a toilet or fixing a drain, but don’t mess with plumbing. It could lead to dilemmas. Just think about an overflowing toilet, not fun. So it is wise to hire a contractor to deal with your plumbing issues.


5. Roof Repair

Roof repair are another extremely risky project to do it yourself. You can easily lose your footing and slip, which is why roofing contractors is also ranked as one of the riskiest professions. Working on the roof can also be harmful to your home’s structure because you normally don’t know how to fix it properly. If you need to check rook damages or clean the gutters, make sure you will proceed with caution.


6. Installing Siding

This task may not seem dangerous but getting it done properly will save you extra repair costs and hassles in the future. Most people don’t know how to install it properly as professional tools are required. It can last for years if you get it installed securely. If not, weather can tear it off over time and cause damage to the frame of your home.



6 Home Projects you should not DIY
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