Things you can do to bump your asking price.

So while you may not necessarily be interested at selling your home at any stage in the near future, it’s always good to think ahead to what you would do in the event you home was whether not fit for you and your family any more or if your plans for the future were to change in any way.  And obviously there are things that you should be doing whilst still residing in the property to ensure that the value of your home is preserved and perhaps even enhanced from potential buyers. After all who knows what lies around the corner and plans that seem set in stone now can easily be scrapped in favor of a new whim or whish of you and your family, so it pays to keep options for the future open.

So really when you think about preserving and enhancing the value to people viewing your home  you will want to focus on the more visually  appealing features which are judged normally on two things and they are their visual impact on the viewer or for their practical purpose and usefulness to the next occupiers of the home. A visual example could be how neatly your garden is organized and a practical thing could be extra kitchen equipment not normally found in most kitchens. However what you choose to do is ultimately up to you, but here are a few suggestions of things that you can do to help bump those figures in the event of you selling the house.


Resurfacing your pool

If you have a pool located on your property then that in itself is a great and desirable, practical and great looking feature that most people would be delighted to see on a potential properties particulars sheet. And one of the great things about pools is that as well as being practical for swimming and relaxing on hot days, they are also visually very attractive. A crystal clear pool of inviting and cool water is a powerful sight, which can conjure imaginations of what it would be like when you finally owned this house and how much fun you would have with it if it was yours. So it pays to keep the pool in good order and quickly resolve any maintenance issues you may have with it.

However in the same way that a great looking, clean and well maintained pool can be a great and attractive thing to see in person and pictures which will in turn, mean you can potentially command a higher asking price. One that has been neglected and left to the elements so to speak can not only look ugly and unattractive it can also really drag down the price as it will be seen as an extra expense to rectify. So think about installing all necessary filters and pumps and ensure that your pools are attractively surfaced. For more information on how to achieve the best results take a look at this company offering pool renovations in Perth


Front garden

Now one of the main flaws with people in general is that we are very prone as a species to be heavily influenced buy your initial visual assessment of a situation, object or person and that is part of the reason that our ancestors weren’t eaten by wild animals because they were able to analyze and assess the danger of a situation quickly and decide on the next course of actions. However in the modern world this still affects everybody as a collective we still judge absolutely everything on the first visual impression that is left hence the phrase “first impressions are vital”. The first thing of your home a prospective buyer is going to judge you on will be what is visible from the outside.

So make sure that your front garden is neat, tidy and well organized. Try to give it the same kind of consideration you would give your back garden to make it stand out. One thing that is consistently ignored by alot of homeowners while they live in is the state of the front garden and more particularly the fence. Often times we see it so often that we forget to actually look at it. So before you start taking pictures and inviting viewers to come and visit. Take the time to properly asses if your front fence needs repainting or entirely replacing.

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How to make your home more secure

Everybody deserves to be safe in their home. After all if you can’t use your home as a retreat from the hustle bustle and stresses of modern city life without being unsure on whether your home that contains all of your valuables, as well as yourself and your family, is safe at all times. In some people this can turn from a slight concern into full blown anxiety. We hear constantly in the news and on the radio about local burglaries and robberies, however despite all of the media rhetoric and worries, the chances of your house being selected out of all the others are still pretty low in Australia as it stands anyway. And it is very easy to deter a potential intruder with a little comm0on sense.

After all there is now a whole industry that works behind the scenes to ensure that the latest in ideas; science and criminology methods are incorporated into your homes security for the sole reason of keeping you safe. This range from different kinds of lock, too full blown surveillance scanning systems, however these are quite expensive and a lot of the cutting edge solutions you will find are the same. So here are some more reasonable suggestions to keep your home as secure as possible.


Double Glazing

Now while no amount of regular glass that you find on an average window will 100% stop a thief, if you have thick, dual pane double glazed windows then not only will breaking in though this route be extremely noisy and difficult, it actually poses a threat to the person attempting to break in by leaving two or more rows of extremely sharp and strong glass, making a hazard if the attempted burglar were to then try to step or climb through the opening. While at the same time you shouldn’t exactly relish the thought of causing somebody injury, if the intruder happens to cut himself it will provide valuable evidence to the authorities to help them in catching the perpetrator.

Make sure that the double glazing you have installed has a sufficiently thick pane and a lock down catch to ensure that the exterior frame of the window cannot simply be ripped and pulled away from the wall surrounding the window. And have it properly installed by a well reputed glazier in your local area.



Secure doorways

Now one of the main ways that a burglar will enter a home is to simply shoulder barge weak looking doors to test their strength and then repeating it harder in order to break the latch through the other side of the doorframe. Of course this creates some amount of nose but nit is quick and does not travel very far to alert your neighbors or passersby that there is an intruder breaking into your home. So it’s important that you secure these doors and entranceways into your home as much as possible. Now most people just go for the traditional “strong door and Yale deadlock” combination to secure their front door from intrusion. However, what about your back and patio doors? And what if you want a slightly more all-encompassing solution to these security faults?

Well one way that modern companies are suggesting that customers secure these entrance ways is to install security screen doors to their property’s doors in order to add an all-encompassing layer of protection to the exterior of the door. These security screen doors are extremely hard to pry or smash away from the door itself but not impossible. Some will protect against everything up to an angle grinder but the point of these is too add that extra time on top of how long it takes them to get inside the property and forces them to create more noise to do so.



Everyone knows what a burglar alarm is and how useful they can be too protecting your property from a break-in. However as you are also probably aware many people don’t seem to think the same way and either forget to maintain the current alarm as it stands to work efficiently and would rather instead leave it to become a mere ornament for the front of their house. And an experienced burglar can tell if one is functional or not. So it’s really important that you regularly have your alarm serviced and repaired to keep you and your property protected.

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How to make your house appear attractive to buyers

Okay so maybe at the moment it’s the furthest thing from your mind, that is selling your home at any stage in the near future, but things have a habit of changing in life and it always pays to plan for these things at some time in the future. Perhaps if your family grows anymore or if your plans for the future were to change in any way then it’s important that your home is kept in as good a condition as possible. Ensuring that the important maintenance and decoration upkeep that you should be doing  whilst still residing in the property to make sure that your occupation of the property doesn’t affect the price you will receive in the event of a sale and perhaps even enhanced from a  buyers perspective.

Your efforts when you are living in the property in keeping it in as good a condition as you possibly can will pay off when it comes to the work that you will need to carry out prior to the selling process will be substantially easier. Selling a property is essentially the selling of the features of your home and the ones that sell best are highly visual features, so let’s take an in depth look at a few ways to make sure that the features you have worked so hard to preserve look their best come viewings day.


Professional cleaning

Really it should go without saying that when people arrive to view your property they will have a certain expectation of how you present the property to them. Remember that the people you are allowing to view your home are just looking at a home, it’s also a huge investment of cash and if the house is not cleaned then what kind of impression can you hope to create? You could choose to do this yourself however due to the importance of the occasion as well as the fact you are probably not going to have a lot of free time during this process why not leave it down to a professional?

In fact the majority of cleaning companies these days will most likely offer some kind of service specifically for those people who are planning to show their home to potential buyers and it will cover many parts of your home you may not even have thought of had you done it yourself such as cleaning under the sink and in the cupboards. A good realtor will generally be describing and showing all of the different features and rooms of your house in great detail to those who come to view the property so you leave it too chance only to have them accidentally reveal an aspect of the house that hasn’t been cleaned on closer inspection. You should also in ideal circumstances arrange to have the house cleaned as near to the actual viewing day as possible and if you happen to reside in the property in the during the sale process then ensure that you keep it as clean as you possibly can.

Home staging

Another aspect that may slip past you in the fast paced and hectic process of selling your is that you will not only have to clean and make sure that the home looks good in person, but also to think about how the various furniture and placement of items will affect both the properties appearance in photographs and also in person come viewing day. You need to ensure that all evidence of your occupation of the home is as well hidden from the potential buyers as much as you possibly can, so that they can view the home as kind of a blank slate with which they can mentally picture themselves living in the home.  If your children’s toys are scattered across the floor and your dirty washing basket is in shot these are all things that can put a negative spin on the first impression that prospective buyers make of your home.

So really what you will need to do is look into hiring a property styling expert, which in the capacity are known as “home stagers” to ensure that you get the best possible pictures of your property as possible to give yourself the best chance of an above market price for the home. While their services might seem slightly costly for what it is, these days it’s an essential part of selling your home.


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How to get the best price for your home.

If you have lived in your home for a number of years, the chances are that your home is adequate in fulfilling the needs of both yourself and your family. Giving them everything that your new family unit needed to start off and grow into a true clan and to give yourselves the best possible start you realistically can. And if we are being reasonable, the property deserves a little credit and pampering throughout your life within it. You probably spent a fair amount of time making sure that you got your home” just so” and it may very well suit not just yours, but your families tastes as well. However what happens when the house is no longer suitable for your family or your life anymore and you need to look into selling it to attain a better suited property?

So now comes the difficult and emotional task of actually parting with the house that has most done its best to shelter and provide as much as an inanimate pile of wood, insulation and tiles possibly can. But don’t shed too many tears as change is a part of life and when it comes to your home you can honor it by giving it some love before you leave to not only show your appreciation to it but also to an offer as we can get in terms of money.  But what kind of work should you be performing in these final months and where are the most prudent places to spend your time effort and money in renovating? Well hopefully in this article we will run through a few different things you can do to give you the most solid prospects of and above market rate for your property.


Your kitchen, whether you have previously considered its importance in your property or are only now coming to this realization, is and will always be one of the most prominent and memorable focal points of the house and an  important room in many different cultures and to a vast majority of people from more traditional western backgrounds will view the kitchen as the place where the heart and soul of the house is located and many will value the work that you put into this room prior to accepting viewing a boring, outdated or kitchen that lays in disrepair and ruin will give the impression that you do not care for the property and that you have let the rest of the house fall in to the same kind of condition.

So in the long run of selling your house, getting  your kitchen makeovers completed beforehand is a great way to help improve the prospects of getting a great price, however even merely resolving most of the major problems will suffice and help a great deal to impressing prospective buyers with your handiwork.

Front yard

Your properties front garden serves two very important functions when it comes to selling. Firstly, it’s a kind of door mat which welcomes prospective buyers into the threshold and more often than not, this will be the very first thing that your prospective buyers will be presented with when they come to view the house, so it’s critical that the front garden is in a perfected and pristine condition state in order to create e the striking first impression on those who consider buying it. Things to do first would be to have the fence that you should have at the front of your home repainted to look as new in order to give it a fresh and enlivened appearance rather than a worn and dingy appearance of peeling paint and wind blasted colours that have become washed out with the amount of exposure they have had over the years

Another important consideration related to the front of house is your options for the lawn and how you plan on making it look as pristine and beautiful as you possibly can.  You will need to consider exactly how much these things will set you back and its absolutely vital that all throughout your planning process you are recording the best prices in your area and factoring how much the labor for each individual project will set you back as well. Often times these small jobs are not factored in and halfway through the work the funding dries up, leaving you with a half-finished job.

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Plant Strategy: How to save time in the Garden

How do you want to spend your Saturday? Spending time catching up with your old friends? Going to the park or movies with your kids? Or even going out for a night on the tiles, dancing to you hearts content. Well cancel all of that because if you decide to overhaul your garden that’s going to be spending hours and hours slaving away moving back breaking amounts of earth and covering yourself in plant fertilizer, sounds fun right? But it doesn’t have to be this way, so we will give you a few helpful tips to help you save your time for the things you love.

Lamenting over the Lawn

Probably the bane of most home owners, the lawn just seems to be a bottomless pit of maintenance, with the watering, weeding, mowing and fertilizing; you may just feel that it’s not worth it sometimes. This is the reason people don’t generally do anything about their lawns until it gets to the point where it is just un-ignorable.

This inadvertently causes tons more work and leaving it can actually cause permanent damage to the grass, potentially leading you to need to repair or reseed your lawn. There is another way. More and more people are turning to natural grass turf to help them cut down the amount of work they have to put into their garden, Turf is relatively easy to lay and due to the membrane required when you lay the turf they are far more resistant to weeds. Some species of turf grass even require up to 55% less mowing and are extremely water and fertilizer efficient. Please follow this link for more information about the different turf supplies available.

Strategy wins the day

When you begin a day of garden work, always have a clear idea of what it is you want to get completed by the end of the day. It is a good idea to focus on the most difficult tasks first and move onto the easier ones once you have broken the back of the hard work. When doing things like planting flower beds it’s more important to focus on the quantity and overall coverage of the flowers you choose as opposed to how many different kind you have and planning what you are going to plant where is a great way to save time it comes to the actual work.

Stop, Get some help

You know when you helped Terry down the road pull up his floorboards? Well now is the time to call in that favor, most tasks in gardening are made so much faster with an extra pair of hands to help you, for example, if one person digs holes with a trowel and one plants the bulbs or plants as you go. As they say “many hands make light work”.


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6 Home Projects you should not DIY


Buying a home is a big deal for everyone as it usually costs us most of our savings plus loans from the bank that we spend decades to paying it off. After putting down the first payment, don’t think the expenses are going to be smooth and easy ever since. You are still on the hook for a whole bunch for future bills including property tax, homeowners insurance and repairs. However, owning a home and renovate it into something we love is a dream and a sign of a big step ahead in our life. Among all the renovation projects, some projects that you can DIY are a great way to cut costs, but there are some dangerous projects that might jeopardize your life you should hire contractors to do. Read on to find out what those projects that you should not DIY are.

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Different Styles of House Décor and How to Achieve Them

home decoration

When it comes to interior design one of the biggest choices you will have to make is deciding on the style. This is absolutely key to how the final look will be and its effectiveness will be dictated not only by its execution but also its suitability to the property itself as well as whether or not it is complimentary with the overall style. Making the wrong selection at the very start could end up being a very costly mistake and you could end up with a hodgepodge of styles which actually looks worse than it did before. One of the best things to do before starting out is to do a little research into the general styles. Obviously there are a vast number of different ones to choose from so here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular ones.

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Tips for Installing a TV Antenna Yourself

TV Antenna

Having the appropriate TV antenna and ensuring that it is set up properly is absolutely key to receiving the optimum viewing experiences in your home. You can either approach a professional specialist such as Antenna Plus in Melbourne to complete the installation process for you or you can attempt it yourself. Please note that if you would like to do this yourself you must take extreme caution throughout as you are risking injury through possibly working on a rooftop and being exposed to power lines or even lightning. If you have any doubts at all then use a professional service. If you are looking to complete the installation yourself there are a few factors to take into account to make sure that the procedure is done correctly: –

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