Designing a Home Party in Sydney Fit for a Princess

In this blog we will be looking into a less serious request and focusing on how to design the perfect party in Sydney fit for a princess. We received an enquiry over the last month asking our thoughts on how to design, decorate and theme a birthday party for a little girl in Sydney. We provided them with some ideas and the party went perfectly making us very proud we could help, so we thought why not share our tips with the rest of you.

1st Thing to consider For Your Party in Sydney Fit for a Princess

First before any decorating can take place you need to decide a theme, now a common concept for any girl’s party is either Disney or princesses or a combination of both resulting in a Disney princess. We decided to recommend this theme as it is very easy to relate to and normally each child will have a preference for one of the following Snow white, Cinderella, Jasmine (Aladdin) or Anna (frozen) among many.

Once decided on the theme you can now start to prepare decorations for the big day, what you want to get is all the normal feminine colors such as pinks, purples and baby blue. As we are sticking with the Disney theme it is very easy to find decorations such as posters, banners and pull ups with their favorite character on. This theme can also be carried through into table ware as seen here.

Fancy dress is always a good idea and of course should match the theme decoration, for girls a fairy or princess theme party never seems to fail. A good but fairly cheap additional idea is to have all of the party guests have a face of the party girl, or better yet use every guest’s picture and they swap with their friends. All you have to do is have a head shot of the princess of honor or have one of each guest. Pop down to your local copy shop, which each print will cost you about $2, unless you don’t have a coloured picture quality photocopier at home then you are already set to go. Print off each picture glue it to some cardboard cut it out and tape it to a think, long plastic straw or use elastic so they can run around as the guest or each other hands free. This is very fun even for the big kids amongst us.

Have Fun With Food

Party in Sydney Fit for a Princess

For your princess you could have some fun with food, simply try making faces with ketchup on burgers or using small pancakes as eyes and a syrup mouth. Making faces in salads with tomatoes for eyes and cucumber for nose and a bunch of sweetcorn as the smiling mouth. There really is no limit on how inventive you can get with this and it’s all what you would be buying anyway and could be a fun way to get them to eat some of their 5 a day.

If you are looking the go the extra mile for children’s birthday then you may want to consider getting additional services hired in for the special day. Using a party planner company, you can get a quality themed jumping castle for the day and they also provide fairy floss machine hire, which is especially good for a girl because it is pink and when they finish they can use the stick as a magic wand but what kid doesn’t like cotton candy.

Remember though you do have to be careful when picking a jumping castle hire company. Some companies who provide these services don’t use the correct safety methods such as anchoring a jumping castle down, which could result in the castle falling over or worse in a gust of wind. Some companies also hire out substandard Chinese copies of the castles which don’t meet Australian safety standards. It is always best to ask them about their safety procedures over the phone and ensure they are carried out at the event location.

Another great service to use is getting an entertaining in for the day and have them comes a fairy god mother to really make your little girl feel special and who knows of a princess without a fairy god mother.

I hope this has given you some tips to consider when planning your party in Sydney fit for a princess and makes your daughters next special day.


Designing a Home Party in Sydney Fit for a Princess
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