How to get the best price for your home.

If you have lived in your home for a number of years, the chances are that your home is adequate in fulfilling the needs of both yourself and your family. Giving them everything that your new family unit needed to start off and grow into a true clan and to give yourselves the best possible start you realistically can. And if we are being reasonable, the property deserves a little credit and pampering throughout your life within it. You probably spent a fair amount of time making sure that you got your home” just so” and it may very well suit not just yours, but your families tastes as well. However what happens when the house is no longer suitable for your family or your life anymore and you need to look into selling it to attain a better suited property?

So now comes the difficult and emotional task of actually parting with the house that has most done its best to shelter and provide as much as an inanimate pile of wood, insulation and tiles possibly can. But don’t shed too many tears as change is a part of life and when it comes to your home you can honor it by giving it some love before you leave to not only show your appreciation to it but also to an offer as we can get in terms of money.  But what kind of work should you be performing in these final months and where are the most prudent places to spend your time effort and money in renovating? Well hopefully in this article we will run through a few different things you can do to give you the most solid prospects of and above market rate for your property.


Your kitchen, whether you have previously considered its importance in your property or are only now coming to this realization, is and will always be one of the most prominent and memorable focal points of the house and an  important room in many different cultures and to a vast majority of people from more traditional western backgrounds will view the kitchen as the place where the heart and soul of the house is located and many will value the work that you put into this room prior to accepting viewing a boring, outdated or kitchen that lays in disrepair and ruin will give the impression that you do not care for the property and that you have let the rest of the house fall in to the same kind of condition.

So in the long run of selling your house, getting  your kitchen makeovers completed beforehand is a great way to help improve the prospects of getting a great price, however even merely resolving most of the major problems will suffice and help a great deal to impressing prospective buyers with your handiwork.

Front yard

Your properties front garden serves two very important functions when it comes to selling. Firstly, it’s a kind of door mat which welcomes prospective buyers into the threshold and more often than not, this will be the very first thing that your prospective buyers will be presented with when they come to view the house, so it’s critical that the front garden is in a perfected and pristine condition state in order to create e the striking first impression on those who consider buying it. Things to do first would be to have the fence that you should have at the front of your home repainted to look as new in order to give it a fresh and enlivened appearance rather than a worn and dingy appearance of peeling paint and wind blasted colours that have become washed out with the amount of exposure they have had over the years

Another important consideration related to the front of house is your options for the lawn and how you plan on making it look as pristine and beautiful as you possibly can.  You will need to consider exactly how much these things will set you back and its absolutely vital that all throughout your planning process you are recording the best prices in your area and factoring how much the labor for each individual project will set you back as well. Often times these small jobs are not factored in and halfway through the work the funding dries up, leaving you with a half-finished job.

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