A Guide to Buying Her Flowers for All You Clueless Blokes

flowerThere’s a terrible stigma that surrounds buying flowers, where many men believe that it’s ‘cheesy’ or ‘unimaginative’ and so they tend never to buy them at all. Perhaps it had something to do with James Morrison’s ‘You Give me Something’ where he sang: “I’ve never bought you flowers, ‘cause I can’t work out what they mean”.

Sure, that was way back in 2006, but surely, he could have hopped onto Google to read up on different flowers and their meanings. Or at the very least, bought some anyway because women love the thought!

And that’s what it’s all about: the thought of it. You might be wondering ‘how on earth do I go about buying her the right flowers?’. – And the long and short of it is, you can’t really go wrong if you put in the right amount of effort.
Sure, your better half might not be overly enthused by the colours (particularly if you say, “hey baby, I’ve bought some flowers in your favourite colour” and your way off!) But provided that she can clearly recognise that you’ve made an effort, you’ll manage to scrape at least some brownie points together!

When to Buy Flowers?

floralAnother common question among men is: “when should I buy her flowers?” And the answer is, not just when you upset her! If you buy her flowers every time you have an argument, and then one day you decide to buy them randomly (because you’re an awesome boyfriend and you love her very much), – Well, we all know what excellent memories women have!

So, the best answer to the question is this: whenever! The more random the better. If you’re not particularly struggling for money and you’re feeling particularly generous, get online and order her a beautiful Little Flower Box, or grab a stunning bouquet. You shouldn’t need a reason to make her feel good!

If you’re going to buy flowers on her birthday, make sure that they are extra special! Don’t just grab some which were on offer in your local supermarket because you’ve left everything to the last minute. The key to sending the perfect gift of flowers is planning, careful consideration and tailoring them to suit her individual tastes and desires. Don’t be that guy who just goes for the generic, tasteless rubbish.

What Will my Friends Think?

flower shop

Never mind what your friends think, worry about what hers think! And besides, if your friends are the sort who have to comment negatively on treating your woman and taking good care of her, then perhaps you need to find yourself some new ones.

And in all honesty, nobody even really needs to know! Of course, you can have them sent to her work, but the classiest thing to do is simply bring them home one evening for no reason at all, give her a big kiss and tell her that you love her.

A Guide to Buying Her Flowers for All You Clueless Blokes
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