How to make your home more secure

Everybody deserves to be safe in their home. After all if you can’t use your home as a retreat from the hustle bustle and stresses of modern city life without being unsure on whether your home that contains all of your valuables, as well as yourself and your family, is safe at all times. In some people this can turn from a slight concern into full blown anxiety. We hear constantly in the news and on the radio about local burglaries and robberies, however despite all of the media rhetoric and worries, the chances of your house being selected out of all the others are still pretty low in Australia as it stands anyway. And it is very easy to deter a potential intruder with a little comm0on sense.

After all there is now a whole industry that works behind the scenes to ensure that the latest in ideas; science and criminology methods are incorporated into your homes security for the sole reason of keeping you safe. This range from different kinds of lock, too full blown surveillance scanning systems, however these are quite expensive and a lot of the cutting edge solutions you will find are the same. So here are some more reasonable suggestions to keep your home as secure as possible.

Double Glazing

Now while no amount of regular glass that you find on an average window will 100% stop a thief, if you have thick, dual pane double glazed windows then not only will breaking in though this route be extremely noisy and difficult, it actually poses a threat to the person attempting to break in by leaving two or more rows of extremely sharp and strong glass, making a hazard if the attempted burglar were to then try to step or climb through the opening. While at the same time you shouldn’t exactly relish the thought of causing somebody injury, if the intruder happens to cut himself it will provide valuable evidence to the authorities to help them in catching the perpetrator.

Make sure that the double glazing you have installed has a sufficiently thick pane and a lock down catch to ensure that the exterior frame of the window cannot simply be ripped and pulled away from the wall surrounding the window. And have it properly installed by a well reputed glazier in your local area.



Secure doorways

Now one of the main ways that a burglar will enter a home is to simply shoulder barge weak looking doors to test their strength and then repeating it harder in order to break the latch through the other side of the doorframe. Of course this creates some amount of nose but nit is quick and does not travel very far to alert your neighbors or passersby that there is an intruder breaking into your home. So it’s important that you secure these doors and entranceways into your home as much as possible. Now most people just go for the traditional “strong door and Yale deadlock” combination to secure their front door from intrusion. However, what about your back and patio doors? And what if you want a slightly more all-encompassing solution to these security faults?

Well one way that modern companies are suggesting that customers secure these entrance ways is to install security screen doors to their property’s doors in order to add an all-encompassing layer of protection to the exterior of the door. These security screen doors are extremely hard to pry or smash away from the door itself but not impossible. Some will protect against everything up to an angle grinder but the point of these is too add that extra time on top of how long it takes them to get inside the property and forces them to create more noise to do so.


Everyone knows what a burglar alarm is and how useful they can be too protecting your property from a break-in. However as you are also probably aware many people don’t seem to think the same way and either forget to maintain the current alarm as it stands to work efficiently and would rather instead leave it to become a mere ornament for the front of their house. And an experienced burglar can tell if one is functional or not. So it’s really important that you regularly have your alarm serviced and repaired to keep you and your property protected.




About the Author: Smith