How to make your house appear attractive to buyers

Okay so maybe at the moment it’s the furthest thing from your mind, that is selling your home at any stage in the near future, but things have a habit of changing in life and it always pays to plan for these things at some time in the future. Perhaps if your family grows anymore or if your plans for the future were to change in any way then it’s important that your home is kept in as good a condition as possible. Ensuring that the important maintenance and decoration upkeep that you should be doing  whilst still residing in the property to make sure that your occupation of the property doesn’t affect the price you will receive in the event of a sale and perhaps even enhanced from a  buyers perspective.

Your efforts when you are living in the property in keeping it in as good a condition as you possibly can will pay off when it comes to the work that you will need to carry out prior to the selling process will be substantially easier. Selling a property is essentially the selling of the features of your home and the ones that sell best are highly visual features, so let’s take an in depth look at a few ways to make sure that the features you have worked so hard to preserve look their best come viewings day.


Professional cleaning

Really it should go without saying that when people arrive to view your property they will have a certain expectation of how you present the property to them. Remember that the people you are allowing to view your home are just looking at a home, it’s also a huge investment of cash and if the house is not cleaned then what kind of impression can you hope to create? You could choose to do this yourself however due to the importance of the occasion as well as the fact you are probably not going to have a lot of free time during this process why not leave it down to a professional?

In fact the majority of cleaning companies these days will most likely offer some kind of service specifically for those people who are planning to show their home to potential buyers and it will cover many parts of your home you may not even have thought of had you done it yourself such as cleaning under the sink and in the cupboards. A good realtor will generally be describing and showing all of the different features and rooms of your house in great detail to those who come to view the property so you leave it too chance only to have them accidentally reveal an aspect of the house that hasn’t been cleaned on closer inspection. You should also in ideal circumstances arrange to have the house cleaned as near to the actual viewing day as possible and if you happen to reside in the property in the during the sale process then ensure that you keep it as clean as you possibly can.

Home staging

Another aspect that may slip past you in the fast paced and hectic process of selling your is that you will not only have to clean and make sure that the home looks good in person, but also to think about how the various furniture and placement of items will affect both the properties appearance in photographs and also in person come viewing day. You need to ensure that all evidence of your occupation of the home is as well hidden from the potential buyers as much as you possibly can, so that they can view the home as kind of a blank slate with which they can mentally picture themselves living in the home.  If your children’s toys are scattered across the floor and your dirty washing basket is in shot these are all things that can put a negative spin on the first impression that prospective buyers make of your home.

So really what you will need to do is look into hiring a property styling expert, which in the capacity are known as “home stagers” to ensure that you get the best possible pictures of your property as possible to give yourself the best chance of an above market price for the home. While their services might seem slightly costly for what it is, these days it’s an essential part of selling your home.


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