Things you can do to bump your asking price.

So while you may not necessarily be interested at selling your home at any stage in the near future, it’s always good to think ahead to what you would do in the event you home was whether not fit for you and your family any more or if your plans for the future were to change in any way.  And obviously there are things that you should be doing whilst still residing in the property to ensure that the value of your home is preserved and perhaps even enhanced from potential buyers. After all who knows what lies around the corner and plans that seem set in stone now can easily be scrapped in favor of a new whim or whish of you and your family, so it pays to keep options for the future open.

So really when you think about preserving and enhancing the value to people viewing your home  you will want to focus on the more visually  appealing features which are judged normally on two things and they are their visual impact on the viewer or for their practical purpose and usefulness to the next occupiers of the home. A visual example could be how neatly your garden is organized and a practical thing could be extra kitchen equipment not normally found in most kitchens. However what you choose to do is ultimately up to you, but here are a few suggestions of things that you can do to help bump those figures in the event of you selling the house.


Resurfacing your pool

If you have a pool located on your property then that in itself is a great and desirable, practical and great looking feature that most people would be delighted to see on a potential properties particulars sheet. And one of the great things about pools is that as well as being practical for swimming and relaxing on hot days, they are also visually very attractive. A crystal clear pool of inviting and cool water is a powerful sight, which can conjure imaginations of what it would be like when you finally owned this house and how much fun you would have with it if it was yours. So it pays to keep the pool in good order and quickly resolve any maintenance issues you may have with it.

However in the same way that a great looking, clean and well maintained pool can be a great and attractive thing to see in person and pictures which will in turn, mean you can potentially command a higher asking price. One that has been neglected and left to the elements so to speak can not only look ugly and unattractive it can also really drag down the price as it will be seen as an extra expense to rectify. So think about installing all necessary filters and pumps and ensure that your pools are attractively surfaced. For more information on how to achieve the best results take a look at this company offering pool renovations in Perth


Front garden

Now one of the main flaws with people in general is that we are very prone as a species to be heavily influenced buy your initial visual assessment of a situation, object or person and that is part of the reason that our ancestors weren’t eaten by wild animals because they were able to analyze and assess the danger of a situation quickly and decide on the next course of actions. However in the modern world this still affects everybody as a collective we still judge absolutely everything on the first visual impression that is left hence the phrase “first impressions are vital”. The first thing of your home a prospective buyer is going to judge you on will be what is visible from the outside.

So make sure that your front garden is neat, tidy and well organized. Try to give it the same kind of consideration you would give your back garden to make it stand out. One thing that is consistently ignored by alot of homeowners while they live in is the state of the front garden and more particularly the fence. Often times we see it so often that we forget to actually look at it. So before you start taking pictures and inviting viewers to come and visit. Take the time to properly asses if your front fence needs repainting or entirely replacing.

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